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Donate Your Boat

Keep Others Afloat with Your Generosity

There may be times  when you need to move on from a boat and selling it is not the right option. At Ishkeesh Marine Services, we have connections with some amazing non-profit organizations that our staff work with extensively. We can assist you in finding a great home for your tax-deductible donation.

We are proud to be aligned with the following organizations that truly enable great outcomes.

Sea Scout Ship Albatross - The Sea Scout Ship Albatross has been recognized as the National Flagship in scouting and operates an 85' WW II Air Sea Rescue boat and uses it as a platform to train young men and women, ages 13-21 in leadership, teamwork, and trade based skills.


Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS)-

BAADS is an outstanding organization that strives to make sailing accessible for all people. This organization has a series of boats that are adaptable so that people with disabilities can experience the joy of sailing - and they are not one to mess with on the race course!


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Please click the link above or reach out to us and we can direct you to one of these worthy organizations!

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