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The Journey of "Journey"

We always love to see our customers happy. Matt and Julia lost their previous boat, and we paired them with Journey, a beautiful Islander 30.

They sent us a fantastic story. This is why we do what we do.

JOURNEY departed Richmond in late June 2018. We did not make it to our destination of San Diego on as timely a manner as we planned... The sail down south took a while because between weather and my job contracts, nothing was in sync. So we left her in Morro Bay until we could complete the journey to SD in one trip.

Matt and Julia in Morro Bay aboard Journey
Matt and Julia in Morro Bay aboard Journey

We finally had the time over Christmas and New Years, what a great way to spend the holidays!

Islander 30 in Santa Barbara
Journey, Matt and Julia's Islander 30 in Santa Barbara, Christmas Eve, 2018

JOURNEY finally arrived in her beautiful new home at the Shelter Island Marina in January 2019 - and she loves it here!

She performed beautifully all the way down (the engine had some hiccups to be expected of an engine that age) - we never had gadgets like GPS, autopilot, and radar before! So that was quite exciting and luxurious :))) She really is a fantastic boat!!! Matt loves shouting off the “head room” and everyone is so jealous of her salon. 🙂

Sunrise aboard Journey
Journey headed towards Anacapa Island

A lot of brokers can’t be bothered with “small” boats but you are an exception. You appreciate quality and know that all well made boats have a value far beyond their price. If you want to buy an excellent and sound boat, go to a broker who loves sailing and not salesman who loves closing a deal. The previous owner cherished this boat enough to want to find the right buyer, so he charged you with that task. And I was so very fortunate to find you and learn how sincere you are about connection the right people to their boat. I wanted my own boat all my life, and Matt was uncomfortable not having a boat after having one his whole adult life, his kids were sad, losing her happened so suddenly... but now, everyone is enthralled with JOURNEY!!!

Happy Customers, Beatiful Boat
Journey in her new slip in Shelter Island, San Diego

You healed us of the tragedy of losing our beloved Latitudes and for that we will be forever grateful 💖 You promised me a boat and you got me a better one than I could have dreamed of - we are still just thrilled knowing she is ours. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


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